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Decreased term life insurance

"Do you want to protect your mortgage of repayment when you die, this kind of insurance will help you a lot in this case. Suppose you die and the policy is still running the cash sum will be our and will help you in paying off the outstanding amount (repayment mortgage) and you can gift your loved ones this tension free policy."

Level term life insurance

"Under this the level term life insurance cover remains the same throughout the policy."

Illness program

"In critical illness program, you will be provided an extra life insurance policy when you take out over several conditions."

Making of claims

"You can choose and make a claim by choosing a family member that who will be receiving all the benefits when you will be no more."

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Testimonials :

" getting Insurance was genuinely easy. I had gotten protection from my significant other's bosses protection the earlier year. It was an a great deal more burdensome experience, taking months of resubmitting printed material. At that point toward the end of the year having the business changing safety net provider and losing that protection. OnlineInsuranceGuru had a decent and fast process."


"It was extraordinary. He had items that would work for the arrangement I required. I was not a simple case but rather he was awesome at getting me what I required."